Why Use a Sleep Consultant?

I am sure that there are very few parents that have not faced sleep deprivation at one time or another. For the majority of us it is in the first few months of bringing that little baby bundle home. Soon enough though as those little newborn bundles start to grow the sleep gradually improves and then that magical morning happens when you wake up in a panic because it is 6.30am and you were not woken by the baby for a night feed. The elusive ‘slept through’ has happened. Hooray!

However for some this just doesn’t seem to happen, they keep waiting but instead of sleep getting better it just seems to get worse (thank you very much sleep regressions). The sleep deprivation continues to get worse and the struggle is real. During this time Google (other search engines are available) will have been put into overdrive with searches such as “why won’t my baby sleep”, “does my baby need 6 feeds a night”, “how can I get my baby to sleep more than 45 minutes”. Lots of tried and tested methods and do’s and don’ts will be read about and some put into place with little to no improvement seen. All this online advice quickly becomes overwhelming and confusing. What isn’t mentioned amongst all this wealth of knowledge is that there is no one size fits all, every baby is different.

It is at this point that a family either gives up all hope and just assumes their baby will never sleep or they realise that Google is not the answer and reach out for the expert support and help of a Certified Sleep Specialist. Some of my clients have taken a good while to take this step, the main reason is due to not knowing what to expect or not fully understanding how a sleep consultant works. Having been in childcare as a Nanny for over 20 years I have always been aware of Sleep Nanny’s and Consultants so I am always surprised how many parnest (and non parents) do not know that we exist. 

Once a potential client speaks to me they realise why I am so different from Google, I can ask questions about their child, I can delve into what kind of baby or toddler they have. I can look into the daily routine and see how small tweaks here and there can make a massive difference. Reassuring a family that, no they haven’t done anything wrong is also a big part of my job. I remind parents how each child is so different and that they don’t come with a manual. 

I then proceed to make a bespoke plan for their child and then support and hold their hand throughout their sleep journey. Now Google can’t do that can it?! 

I often hear people ask ‘but why would someone pay for such a service?’. Well the answer is why wouldn’t you? If you have tried to get your little one sleeping but it isn’t working and you are not enjoying your days as much as you would like to because you and baby are so very tired, why wouldn’t you reach out for help? We are always reaching out to get people to help with other factors in our lives aren’t we. Why should you place your child’s sleep and your sleep on a different level to other things. You will often hear sleep consultants compare the way we work with personal trainers. You would enlist the help of a PT if you had tried everything on your own but you just weren’t getting the results you wanted or needed. A PT holds you accountable, they can’t do the work for you but they can teach you the skills, guide you through using them and support you in putting them in place. They are also there to tweak things should they not be getting the desired effects or if that particular method isn’t working. They also treat each client as an individual. 

So to answer the question of why would someone pay for this service, well the answer is simple – they will make this investment so that they get the results that they need and deserve and the majority of the time my families say they wish they had taken the step sooner. 

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