Easter Eggcitement and Routine

Who doesn’t enjoy Easter and the excuse to indulge in a little more chocolate.

Even in this current lock down situation that we are finding ourselves in this year there is still plenty of Easter fun to be had.

I am sure the Easter Bunny will still be finding his way and visiting many homes this weekend.

With all this extra excitement and sugar filled highs along with the lighter evenings it is all too easy to lose track of time and allow our normal routine to slip.

Following the simple advice below is sure to help to keep you on track.

Stick to your normal routine.

Children thrive from routine and research shows that a child that has a regular and consistent bedtime will fall asleep more easily and sleep for longer, giving them the restorative nights sleep they need for their development.

By keeping naps and the  bedtime routine the same as much as possible over the long Easter weekend will help to prevent overtiredness and bedtime battles. The occasional later bedtime sometimes can not be avoided and this is not a problem, just don’t allow it to become the norm.

Don’t forget to keep and eye on the time. With the lighter evenings and the beautiful weather we are being spoilt with at the moment it is all too easy to lose track of time. I myself have been guilty of this over the last week. 

Be mindful of the chocolate and treat intake over the Easter period.

No one wants to spoil the fun of Easter by banning chocolate and all the yummy treats. Just be mindful of how much your little one is consuming. We all know what effect sugar can have on children, but did you know that it can affect their sleep cycles? Sugar causes blood sugar highs followed by crashes, this can interfere with the deep sleep part of their sleep cycles meaning they are not getting the restorative nights sleep they need.  

Hopefully these tips will help keep you on track. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy some special time celebrating in the sunshine.

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